Indigenous Harm Reduction

Indigenous Harm Reduction

QomQem Coastal Connections recognize that Indigenous People have been practicing methods of harm reduction for centeries, it is embedded into the ways that we practise our culture and spirituality by upholding our governance and law.


What is Indigenous Harm Reduction

Strength in Culture

We know that as Indigenous people we have also been severely impacted by colonization and QomQem works to reduce the harms of colonization every day in the way that we offer supports.
This looks like offering Indigenous forms of harm reduction by working to build and maintain relationships with our relatives from the Street Community and providing low barrier access to culture.

We know that as Indigenous people we gain strength from
connecting to our ancestors by engaging in culture and recognize this at the core ofwhat Indigenous harm reduction can look like. We also understand that not every Indigenous person chooses to connect to culture and are happy to offer supports in a way that feels comfortable for everyone.

QomQem also offers harm reduction services in the form of providing harm reduction gear, offering training related to health and wellness and overdose prevention to folks from the Street Community, local nations and other social service agencies.


Workshops being offered

Sexually Transmitted Blood-Borne Infections

Harm Reduction 101

Indigenous Harm Reduction

Coast Salish Perspectives on Harm Reduction

Youth Harm Reduction

Contact QomQem’s Harm Reduction Coordinator for more info:

Vanessa Oliver –