Our Services

Indigenous Harm Reduction

  • Distributing harm reduction supplies
  • Sharing knowledge on harm reduction, engaging in decolonial practice, and connecting back to cultural strength


Health & Wellness

  • Monthly health and wellness workshops
  • One-on-one healthcare services* with an outreach Registered Nurse (in-home or on the streets)
    *Includes: STI testing, wound care, facilitating health care access (referrals, transportation, and accompanying to appointments)



  • Filling out housing applications (supportive housing, independent housing)
  • Supporting with move-ins and move-outs
  • Advocating for tenant rights
  • In-reach check-ins


Reconnecting to culture

  • Organizing cultural events and workshops
  • Seeking cultural support from knowledge keepers
  • Land-based healing
  • Language revitalization
  • Hosting monthly cultural reconnection dinners


Cultural support

  • Ensuring cultural support* is provided based on needs
    *Includes: brushing, smudging, Elder support, morning cleanse and bath, sweat lodge


Food security

  • Checking-in with over 80 people weekly while providing food*, snacks, and supports
    *Includes: cultural foods (made in Songhees) like fry bread and soup


Connecting to resources

  • Driving to/from appointments
  • Finding counsellors and services based on expressed needs and preferences
  • Applying to Indigenous treatment centres
  • Completing and submitting ID applications, including Status Card


Collaborating with other organizations

  • Chairing and collaborating with outreach workers from other organizations through the Indigenous Outreach Workers (IOW) Network.