Outreach Services

Outreach Services

Outreach services are on of the core services that QomeQem Coastal Connections offers to relatives from the Street Community.

What We Do

All members of the QomQem team offer outreach each day of the week. The team connects with folks living unhoused at local parks and encampments, offers in reach at supportive housing sites and will stay connected with folks as they move from outdoors to indoors. We carry basic needs/camp items, snacks/food, and harm reduction gear. We can also support folks in making referrals to other members of the QomQem team for housing, health or wellness supports or to other social service agencies in Victoria

What we offer

Our Services

Connect with any QomQem team member to at Meet the Team to access outreach services.

Carry Basic needs/camp items

Hand out food and snacks

Hand out harm reduction gear

Strength in Culture

Sharing knowledge on harm reduction, engaging in de-colonial practice, and connecting back to cultural strength.